Monday, November 24, 2008

First-Ever YouTube LIVE '08 event

Over the weekend, a lot of us who have made YouTube viewing (or uploading) part of your daily habit...or daily guilty pleasure witnessed the first YouTube Live '08 event last Nov. 22 featuring the best, noteworthy and everything in between of what's on at YouTube.

With the advent of YouTube (and free other video-uploading sites for that matter), anyone can be a celebrity with a worldwide audience; that is if your video is way great or just annoying. 

Well, that's the power in our hands, the internet users all over the world. 

The following creative souls (a million views ++ on YouTube) , however, definitely inspire everyone who has a video camera, Internet access, rudimentary editing software, and talent (or lack thereof) to reach the whole world.

Bo Burham debuting his new song "Welcome to YouTube" on YouTube Live '08

Prodigy FunTwo with Guitar Genius Joe Satriani on YouTube Live '08

Jon Chu with the League of Extraordinary Dancers on YouTube Live '08

and Beat Boxin' BeardyMan (this you gotta watch!)


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