Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson June 25, 2009

"Dead at 50..." It sure is a shocker for Michael Jackson getting his exit on this day of June 25, 2009 (the 26th here). A lot of speculation on his comeback with 50 dates in the UK has totally ended with a shocker.

Had he probably died of cardiac arrest due to his usual rounds of back-breaking practice sessions to get him back to his dancing greatness? Speculations and more speculations. Try reading up on this tasteless post from the Perez as covered on

Even after his tragic death, Jacko still is courting controversy.

It is a sad loss really. For what was to be his "swan song" of 50 concert dates in England is now but a figment for the imaginations of his rabid fans... He could have made new legions of fans and confirm his standing, controversies and outlandish persona nothwithstanding, that Michael Jackson is truly the 'King of Pop'.

Rest in Peace my namesake... We all shall truly miss you...

( Pic: Video: MJacko02 )

Monday, June 15, 2009

"The Twitter Genie Is Out of the Bottle..."

I just read from the Daily Dish, opinion about the rightful indignation of Iranians at the results of their recent elections and this I say is the tip of the iceberg.

The instrument of choice of any marketer (or spammer) has apparently survived the Interweb lockdown of the regime with indignant Iranians shouting at the rooftops. It may sound strange to some but its harder to break up a mob up on the rooftop don't you think?

Social media sites like Twitter has drawn flak and intense scrutiny with some naysayers pitching their two cents of its utter irrelevance to our already noisy times. SO it's really refreshing that in some parts of the world, its an instrument for freedom and the channel of rightful indignation.

As the article I referenced to said (and I paraphrase): Even if governments clamp down on all forms of communication, word will still come out and often it comes through to social media channels.

This time, "The Revolution will be on Twitter..."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Sociologist's Look at Twitter


Twitter this, Twitter that, all mainstream media not to mention blogs are all a-Twitter. How did such a simple service became a hit? What really is this thing about sharing 140 characters of text (and inanities) to a large audience of 17 million? Who, why, and how are we Twittering?

Those questions and more answered (or so it seems) in the following video from

Monday, June 1, 2009

Did You Know ?!

I was mighty intgrigued by this vid. It presents future trends in an entertaining way.

Yes, one can argue about India having more honor students than the U.S.A. but keep in mind they are a billion-plus nation so by their sheer numbers, they ought to have more. Ditto with China having the largest numbers of English speakers in the near future. Whatever the argument though, one thing is sure, we all are "living in very interesting times."

Monday, May 18, 2009

Darn It, Got a Lot of Cool Ideas and NOT enough time ;)


Had to write to this for myself and my tweeps... Got of cool ideas and not enough time... I'm at GTD crossroads; I have got to be more effective with the 16 hours/ day that is given to me. Anyways, why does have a day have 24 hours, why isn't there increments in multiples of 10 or a 100? 

Blame it on the mathematics of the Ancient Babylonians? 

Just askin' loudly...

And this video got my attention lately; Aside from its "spreading like wildfire on the interwebs", you don't hear a lot from contratenors these days...