Monday, June 15, 2009

"The Twitter Genie Is Out of the Bottle..."

I just read from the Daily Dish, opinion about the rightful indignation of Iranians at the results of their recent elections and this I say is the tip of the iceberg.

The instrument of choice of any marketer (or spammer) has apparently survived the Interweb lockdown of the regime with indignant Iranians shouting at the rooftops. It may sound strange to some but its harder to break up a mob up on the rooftop don't you think?

Social media sites like Twitter has drawn flak and intense scrutiny with some naysayers pitching their two cents of its utter irrelevance to our already noisy times. SO it's really refreshing that in some parts of the world, its an instrument for freedom and the channel of rightful indignation.

As the article I referenced to said (and I paraphrase): Even if governments clamp down on all forms of communication, word will still come out and often it comes through to social media channels.

This time, "The Revolution will be on Twitter..."

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