Friday, October 31, 2008

Just Browsed for the Day...10-31-08


I am back for my random postings here on my original blog...I really got the hang of wordpress, so I had to return to blogspot for change of pace so to speak...This is my blog/bookmark of my notables/interesting bits/probably-useful-later that I find on the World Wide Web.

To start off...Here are the Itchyworms with their latest "Freak Out"

YEAH...Retro really rocks me...AND speaking of retro and music videos, I had a blast of "discovering" that MTV is still relevant online...They have a new site where they posted almost all of their video collection...The guys and gals at MTV have given them YouTube peeps a run for their content...really now...

The video quality can be improved (I am speaking for moderate DSL) and the audio? Very manageable, which is just a hair width from good by the way...

Click on Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl" Live

Retro and in time for Halloween...MJ in "Thriller"

and please do check out MTVMusic

and my OTHER blog.

Thanks c",

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